An Expert Guide to Finding the Right Sticker Size for Your Product Needs

When you buy custom stickers for your products, getting the right size is essential. Whether you’re looking for a small logo sticker or a large label for packaging, having the correct measurements will make all the difference in creating an aesthetically pleasing and professional look. But how do you know what size sticker will be perfect for your needs? 

In this article, we’ll provide five tips on finding the ideal size of sticker that best fits your product requirements. We’ll discuss topics such as measuring the area where the sticker will be placed, understanding the scale of your design, and more. By following these steps, readers can find a perfect fit every time!

1. Define the purpose of your stickers

It might sound a little weird at first, but the most important step to finding the perfect sticker size is to define the purpose of your stickers. What message do you want to convey? Are you creating labels or logo stickers? Are they for decoration or branding purposes? Where will they be used? Knowing what the intended purpose of your sticker is will help you determine the size that works best with your intent.

2. Determine the size of the surface you are working with

Once you’ve identified the purpose of your sticker, the next step is to measure the area where it will be placed. This is very straightforward and will help you understand how much room you have. That way, you can determine whether a small or large sticker is needed to fill the space available. It can also help to make sure that your sticker isn’t too small or large in comparison to the rest of the product or surface.

3. Think about how much text your design contains

Nobody wants a cluttered sticker. So think about your design and, specifically, how much text you want to include on your stickers. While professional printers can print tiny text, it is all about whether consumers will be able to read it. For the best possible outcome, use lots of white space around your design elements and opt for a bigger sticker to let your artwork shine.

4. Look at your artwork at scale when designing

The best way to get an idea of how your sticker will look once printed is to view it in its actual size. After all, we spend a lot of time super zoomed in, when we create a design. So it is time to zoom out until the representation on your screen has the same size as your final sticker. If your artwork includes multiple elements and text, this is your chance to arrange them properly in order to get an accurate idea of how they will look once printed.

5. Get a few test sizes printed

Before you commit to a particular size for your stickers, it is recommended to print out a few samples in different sizes. That way, you can compare and contrast the different sizes and make sure that they are the right fit before committing to a full production run. You can find an overview of the most popular sizes right here.

By following these steps, readers can find the perfect size for their sticker needs every time! With a bit of planning and consideration, creating custom stickers that look great on any product is easy. So don’t forget to measure, view your artwork at scale, and get a few test sizes printed for the best results. That way, you can be sure that the perfect sticker size is Urdughr always at hand. Happy printing!

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