Computer Science Vs Information Technology Salary

When comparing computer science vs. information technology salaries, one must understand the differences between these two fields. Computer science is a discipline focused on building and designing computer programs and systems, while IT is concerned with the maintenance and troubleshooting of computers. A career in computer science will often require extensive knowledge of software and networks. IT jobs may include web development, database management, or data storage and security. They both require a broad knowledge of mathematics and computer languages.

The salary range for these two fields differ, though both fields are considered specialized. In IT, salaries are higher because of specialized knowledge. However, if you’re just starting out, a generalist IT job may not require a four-year degree. As a result, the starting salary for these positions is less than the salary of a computer scientist. If you’re looking to make a significant amount of money working in computer science, you should aim for the higher-paid IT position.

Both fields offer interesting career options and lucrative salaries. Choosing between computer science and IT depends on your personal interests and aptitudes. The two fields are predicted to grow by 13% between 2016 and 2026. If you want a better salary, go with the latter, though keep in mind that it may come with higher expectations. For most people, however, computer science is the better choice. There are a number of benefits in each, so make the decision based on your own strengths and passion.

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