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How Many Hours Does a Social Media Manager Work?

When it comes to hiring a social media manager, you might be wondering how many hours they work per week. While many social media managers work forty or more hours per week, the actual figure can vary greatly. While 48% work the same number of hours as their colleagues, others may work as many as 66 hours per week. Some of these managers may be on call for some of these hours, which could mean a serious risk of burnout.

Another important factor is how much time they have to devote to social media. If they are managing a social media account for a restaurant, it may take an hour a week to update the calendar. This helps maintain consistency and avoid repetitive ideas. Social media managers should use a calendar, such as a Google spreadsheet, to schedule posts. For example, Mondays might be a good day to schedule a post encouraging people to come out for a late lunch. Tuesdays might be a good day to post photos of the menu or tips from the chef.

One of the most common questions about how many hours a social media manager works is: What skills do they need to do the job? There are several different options for a social media manager, including working for a particular company or as a freelancer. Either way, you need to focus on a particular area and market yourself accordingly. While social media managers do not need a college degree, you should have plenty of experience.

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