The Best Law & Order Cast Episodes

Law & Order fans will recall Detective Mike Logan, but he never lasted long. However, Medical Examiner Elizabeth Rodgers made up for that shortcoming with a longer tenure, appearing in 130 episodes. She far outlasted most of the other main characters, including Wiest. In addition to the detectives, the show also features licensed mental health professionals such as Dr. Michael Moriarty, Richard Brooks, and Steven Hill.

The show also dealt with racism, and the “Hate” episode in 2004 was no different. This time, a group of white supremacists is framed for a crime. This leads Jack McCoy to try to get their leader in jail for murder, and he manages to win. Despite the setback, the episode is well worth watching for the episode that features this recurring character. Regardless, the cast is always a pleasure to watch, and it’s worth checking out new characters.

Fans of Law & Order will also enjoy Orbach’s Lennie Briscoe. The actor joined the show nine episodes into the third season. Sorvino had been slated to leave, but Orbach wrote out the role for him. The actor’s sarcastic wit became a trademark of the show, and he soon became a fan favorite. After Noth left the show, Bratt had a lot of work to do, but he was a good fit and made the character one of the show’s most beloved characters.

“Mayhem” is a show that fans of Law & Order should watch. This episode is rare, but it moves quickly and is packed with more action than usual. It features multiple crimes. Unlike “Couples,” “Mayhem” isn’t quite as chaotic as Mayhem, but it does have its moments. It’s a tense episode involving the murder of a teacher. The episode also stars Lauren Ambrose as a high school girl Celebrity biography

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