What Does the Department of Education Do?

What does the Department of Education do? This federal department oversees all aspects of education, from elementary and secondary education to higher education and vocational and adult education. It also oversees research to improve the country’s schools. As the nation’s primary government agency, it also promotes literacy and researches major issues in education. In addition, it enforces federal anti-discrimination laws, making sure that every child has equal access to an education.

Most of the administration of education is done at the state and local level, including establishment of schools, developing curricula, and developing admission and graduation requirements. Schools receive the majority of their funding from state and local sources. The Department of Education fills in the gaps between state and local education programs, and it responds to national crises. For example, it focuses on the achievement gap between low-income children and students and those from higher-income families.

The Department of Education is a large federal department that shapes educational policy and federal law. Its mission is to improve educational services for all Americans, from infants to senior citizens. It also ensures that schools are safe and healthy. The office’s budget is about $68 billion, and President Obama’s request for 88.3 billion for 2023 is even larger. The department’s budget includes funding for early childhood education, children with disabilities, and pandemic recovery. The Department also ensures that students and teachers have safe and healthy environments.

The Department of Education was created by President Carter in the fall of 1979. Its first Secretary, James Earl Carter, wanted education to be more accessible to all Americans and to improve the quality of education. The bill passed the Senate and the House but was stalling due to a group of Republicans led by John Erlenborn. Barnard’s vision for the Department of Education helped the department achieve its goals, but the Congressional opposition was less supportive.

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